Security at Jupiter

Jupiter’s expertise and its forward-focused, scenario-based physical climate risk projections empower customers to make informed decisions that identify, disclose, manage, and reduce risk from the impacts of climate change.

As a key provider of climate risk data and analytics to leading organizations around the world, data, application and infrastructure security are paramount. Jupiter has put in place robust security policies that cover the spectrum of people, processes and technology. The company has Science and Engineering practices that ensure the integrity of internal data and customer data while ensuring processes adhere to industry standard best practices.

The pillars of our security foundation

Data security

Jupiter has applied data classification policies on all data processed, to ensure the right levels of security can be applied across datasets. Processes are in place to encrypt data at rest and in transit for all customers; and encryption at rest is implemented based on customer requirements. Additional processes are in place to manage encryption keys using hardware security modules for maximum security as needed by customers.

Application security

Jupiter has engaged the industry’s best application security experts for third party penetration testing to evaluate source code, running applications, and deployed environments. We also use high-quality static analysis tools to secure customer-facing products at every step of the development process.

Infrastructure security

Jupiter hosts its services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and makes full use of security products embedded within the AWS ecosystem, including KMS and GuardDuty, while using Datadog as a central console for monitoring and anomaly detection. A multi-layered security architecture ensures that each individual infrastructure component has a backup to counter flaws or gaps, including granular role-based access control, network security, internal training and log monitoring and response procedures to detect and address anomalies.

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