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Predicting Risk in a Changing Climate:
Dynamic Models Deliver Unrivaled Accuracy

Unparalleled Preparation

Make informed decisions that safeguard trillions of dollars in at-risk infrastructure from flood, fire, heat, cold and wind events

Revolutionary Services

Asset-level, data-driven risk analyses and predictions are accurate from two hours to 50 years in the future

Breakout Technology

Continuously refreshed satellite and sensor data drive pioneering modeling and analytics on a cloud-based platform designed specifically for climate analysis

How We're Different

Elite Workforce

Jupiter’s team includes proven management, award-winning scientists and technology experts. Their Fortune 100, government and academic backgrounds unite diverse perspectives with a common purpose.

Dynamic Technology

Continuously refreshed data, flexible models based on a changing climate and a cloud platform that supports fast model and data updates give Jupiter services the critical agility required for accurate, asset-level predictions.

Risk-Relevant Information

Climate work focused on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) policy was never intended to produce tools that assess risks to specific assets. Jupiter integrates climate prediction with comprehensive risk analyses that provide an accurate, asset-level risk picture.

In the News

Jupiter Intelligence
September 5, 2018

Message from Jupiter CEO, Rich Sorkin: Preparing New York City for the Risks of a Changing Climate

Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with Brooklyn College and an extended team of academic and private institutions to study urban flooding in New York City and measures to improve resilience. Jupiter is leading the scientific modeling, essential to comprehending current and future rain and flood scenarios.

The New York Times
February 23, 2018

What Land Will Be Underwater in 20 Years? Figuring It Out Could Be Lucrative.

As companies around the world grow concerned about the risks of climate change, they have started looking for clarity on how warming might disrupt their operations in the future. But governments in the United States and Europe have been slow to translate academic research on global warming into practical, timely advice for businesses or local city planners.

Now some private companies, like Jupiter, are trying to fill the gap.
The Washington Post
February 12, 2018

Climate change could put businesses underwater. Start-up firm Jupiter aims to come to the rescue.

This week, a high-powered, well-funded start-up company has barged onto the scene to help businesses and governments confront their increasing vulnerability to climate change and weather disasters.