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The global leader in climate analytics for resilience and risk management


The global leader in climate analytics for resilience and risk management


The global leader in climate analytics for resilience and risk management


The global leader in climate analytics for resilience and risk management


The global leader in climate analytics for resilience and risk management


The global leader in climate analytics for resilience and risk management

Quantify climate impacts on property, portfolios, and assets. Today, tomorrow, 50+ years out. All perils. Anywhere on the planet.

Jupiter is the market leader for climate risk analytics in key industries, including insurance, banking, asset management, real estate, energy, utilities and power, oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals, mining, retail, agriculture, the public sector, and NGOs.

Our best-in-science solutions deliver climate risk analysis of multiple perils, in spatial resolutions from portfolio to asset level, globally and across flexible time horizons and climate scenarios.

Our customers are global leaders​

Jupiter’s physical climate risk analytics have been adopted by at least one of the world’s five largest firms in asset management, banking, insurance, oil and gas, mining, power, and construction, as well as the government of the United States.

“Jupiter allows us to identify, mitigate, and manage our clients’ climate-related risks with new products and services.”

—Brendan Smyth, Senior Vice President, Global Risk Solutions, Liberty Mutual

How Jupiter solutions are better​


Scientifically Rigorous
In-house scientific simulations with peer-reviewed dynamical and data-driven models

Expert Validation
Validation & verification integrated throughout modeling chain

Data Transparency
Transparency in all modeling components, from metrics to scoring to loss. No black boxes.


Forward Looking
Latest predictive climate models; not a backward looking catastrophic risk model approach

Quantified Uncertainty
Measure and provide known sources of modeling uncertainty

Ability to traverse a range of emissions and response scenarios


Data Access
Flexible data access via API and SaaS applications—all delivered at enterprise-grade

Spanning All Scales
Downscaling methods optimized for portfolio & facility analyses

Expanding Catalog
Rapidly expanding climate metrics tuned to customer needs

Latest news from Jupiter​​

January 28, 2021

Jupiter Celebrates a Year of Company Milestones and Anticipates Significant Market Demand and New Engagements Under Biden Administration

Despite the impact of the global pandemic, Jupiter added several new marquee customers in the past year and looks forward to the Biden Administration’s investments and policies in science, greenhouse gas reduction, and resilience.

Media coverage about Jupiter

Extreme Winter Weather Causes Texas Risk Crises

The massive winter storm that slammed Texas and the surrounding states with snow, ice and the lowest temperatures in decades left millions across the state stranded without power and running water and businesses enduring a stunning range of impacts.

Jupiter CEO Rich Sorkin speaks with Risk Management Magazine to warn, “Out-of-date assumptions need to be updated. Severe events are happening more frequently and with greater impact already, and continuing to get worse at an accelerating rate.”

The great disrupter

Climate change is about to upend the corporate world. Firms must react fast.

As Rich Sorkin, CEO of Jupiter Intelligence, argues: “In ten years there won’t be a large entity anywhere on the planet that does not have a handle on its climate risk. Consumers, shareholders and employees won’t stand for it.”

In a special report and follow-up video, The Economist turns to Jupiter for insights on the evolving climate risk management and regulatory hurdles for businesses.

Jupiter CEO testifies before U.S. House Subcommittee on the Environment

View Rich Sorkin, CEO of Jupiter, testifying at a hearing entitled: “The Future of Forecasting: Building a Stronger U.S. Weather Enterprise.” Mr. Sorkin discusses the use of new technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence to address weather and climate risks and the growing need among all sectors of American society for these services as severe weather events cause ever increasing death and destruction due to climate change.

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