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Predicting Risk in a Changing Climate:
Jupiter’s AI and Scientific Models Deliver Unrivaled Accuracy

Achieve Unparalleled Insights for Resiliency and Disaster Planning

Deploy Jupiter to make informed decisions, safeguarding at-risk infrastructure around the world, with the industry’s first quantifiable climate-driven analysis for flood, fire, heat, drought, cold, wind, and hail events.

Breakthrough Services

Asset-level, data-driven risk analyses and predictions are accurate from 1 hour to over 50 years in the future.

Revolutionary Technology

A unique elastic supercomputing platform, specifically designed for climate impact analysis, provides the foundation for breakthrough modeling fed by continuously refreshed satellite and sensor data.

How We're Different

Global Expertise

Jupiter’s team includes global experts in business growth, climate science, and technology. With extensive experience in Fortune 100 companies, government and academia, our diverse perspectives unite us in a common purpose: to understand risks from climate change and create a more resilient economy and planet.

Agile Technology

Jupiter services provide superior agility for precise, asset-level predictions. Continuously refreshed satellite and sensor data drives modeling and analytics on an elastic supercomputing platform designed specifically for climate impact analysis. Jupiter is the emerging standard for climate-related, asset-level physical risk.

Critical, Asset-Level Risk Assessment

Jupiter integrates climate prediction with comprehensive risk analyses that provide an accurate picture of asset-level risk from flood, fire, heat, drought, cold, wind, and hail events at less‑than‑one‑meter resolution.

“Climate change severely stresses existing critical infrastructure and demands bold transformative entrepreneurs. Our partners in the power and other sectors are already successfully using Jupiter to predict risk and adapt to the new environment.”

– John Tough, Investing Partner at Energize Ventures

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