Our products enable superior resilience, response, and risk management

Best-in-science climate analytics

Jupiter’s high-resolution, forward-looking risk analysis from dynamic Earth System models, combined with dynamical and data-driven downscaling techniques, produce hyper-local hazard estimates based on projected changes in climate.

Our products were created by global experts in climate and Earth science, data science, technology, risk management, business (with extensive experience in Fortune 100 companies), government, and academia.

Jupiter’s transparent methodologies employ dozens of the scientific community’s most respected physical models of the atmosphere and hydrosphere coupled with machine learning, land use, elevation data, and extensive observations of the systems we model. We build robust verification and validation into every step of the model chain, and our methods natively account for the changing frequencies and characteristics of extreme events in time.

Jupiter offers portfolio-scale to asset-scale resolution

When Jupiter ClimateScore™ Global is combined with the hyperlocal Jupiter Planning suite, they form the world’s only global-to-street-resolution climate risk analytics solution.

ClimateScore Global

Portfolio-scale, global-in-scope analysis of climate risk, across all perils and covering flexible time horizons and emissions scenarios.

ClimateScore Planning

Very-high-resolution analysis offering detailed insight about potential impacts of specific perils on individual assets, facilities, neighborhoods and communities.

ClimateScore Global

Jupiter ClimateScore Global quantifies physical climate risk around the world. With its expansive and detailed projections of perils for the remainder of this century, it answers the fundamental question, “How will the current and future climate lead to extreme weather that impacts my locations of interest?”

ClimateScore Global employs dozens of the scientific community’s most respected climate models, coupled with machine learning, land use and elevation data, and data-driven models for hydrology, wildfire, severe weather, and more.

By distilling the complex interactions between expected changes in sea levels, surge, storm intensity, land and sea surface temperatures, and pressure and precipitation patterns, ClimateScore Global pinpoints what decision-makers need to know: the depth of the water, the speed of the wind, the intensity of the heat and cold, and the probability of drought, wildfires, and hail. Those metrics, in turn, will drive damage and economic loss models and put a price on climate change.

ClimateScore Planning

ClimateScore Planning is a comprehensive suite of asset-level physical risk analysis applications—FloodScore™, WindScore™, HeatScore™, and FireScore™—that empowers decision-makers to answer the question, “How will the future climate lead to extreme weather that affects my assets?”

Its primary benefits are:

  • High-resolution, asset-level climate risk analysis of target geographies
  • Dynamic (non-stationary) models using the latest climate data
  • Flexible time horizons, selected by customers
  • Scenario-based approach
  • Intuitive GIS (geographic information system) interface or data download

ClimateScore Planning probabilistically predicts and maps the increasing risks of climate-change-driven perils. Its projections are based on rigorous climate, weather, ocean, hydrological, fire, and data science; they utilize novel data sources like satellite, air, land, and ocean-borne sensors and large-scale climate models that simulate Earth’s past, present and future climate states.

Through a computationally intensive process powered by cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Jupiter dynamically down-scales the CESM® global climate model to project the probable impacts of extreme weather perils on specific assets down to resolutions of one to three meters—and by special customer request, even higher resolutions—over time horizons that range from hours to 50+ years into the future.

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Jupiter FloodScore

Jupiter FloodScore helps users prepare for potential flooding related to a changing climate. Our proprietary models capture the complex interaction among flood-generating factors. The resulting analyses probabilistically predict the expected flood level in any designated area for a specific asset as small as a loading dock or on-premise flood protection. Private and public sector organizations can make informed decisions to prevent asset damage and property loss, and even save lives.

Jupiter HeatScore

Jupiter HeatScore helps organizations mitigate the heat- and cold-related impacts of climate change by predicting extreme temperatures. The resulting analyses predict expected temperatures probabilistically across a range of heat variables necessary for informing load forecasting and planning, infrastructure design, and public health and safety.

Jupiter WindScore

Jupiter WindScore provides maps of probabilistic predictions of wind characteristics from six months to 50-plus years in advance. It uses Jupiter’s best-in-science dynamic models and machine-learning platform to deliver quantifiable analysis of changes in wind at very high spatial and temporal resolution to factor in local effects on wind. Private and public sector organizations can make informed decisions to protect assets, limit business downtime, and save lives and property.

Jupiter FireScore

Jupiter FireScore™ quantifies risk from wildfire in a changing climate, facilitating mitigation of risk to lives, property and infrastructure. FireScore operates in real-time and climate-time horizons, providing firefighters and first responders intelligence and decision support and planning for critical infrastructure including the electrical grid. FireScore captures current and future trends in drought, rain and forest health, using the latest available science and data.

Jupiter ClimateScore Intelligence Platform

The ClimateScore Intelligence Platform is the underlying analytics foundation for all Jupiter products. Its pioneering architecture links data, probabilistic and scenario-based models, and advanced validation in an integrated environment.

Peer-reviewed climate models used in novel ways
Jupiter’s proprietary deployment and modeling layers account for the complex dynamics of climate change impacts to provide hyper-local weather and climate-based risk analyses and probabilistic predictions from one hour to more than 50 years in the future.

Transparency and robust validation and verification
Jupiter’s Report Cards and Confidence Scores summarize verification processes and communicate confidence levels. These Report Cards and Scores employ both visual and automated checks that integrate scientific judgement from the company’s global scientific experts, both internally and externally, and quantitative accuracy metrics. Hierarchical verification tests, from simple to complex, produce confidence indicators that in turn are evaluated against acceptance criteria and summarized in the Report Cards.

AI and machine learning
Jupiter incorporates AI and machine learning to automatically and continually improve its dynamic models, reduce local biases of scientific simulations, and accelerate information delivery. The company carefully integrates AI while preserving explainability, especially for regulatory compliance.

Flexible user interface
Risk analytics are available as web-based applications, reports, through an API, or via consulting engagements.

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