Jupiter Services: Dynamic Technology
Makes Precise Predictions

Jupiter Services

Jupiter offers separate services for predicting specific perils. Each service is built on top of the Jupiter ClimateScore™ Intelligence Platform. Services are currently available for predicting the probability of extreme temperatures and flooding. Additional services in the full portfolio are currently under development and will be released over the next six to eighteen months.


Jupiter FloodScore

Jupiter FloodScore™ helps users prepare for potential flooding related to a changing climate. Its proprietary models capture the complex interaction among flood-generating factors. The resulting analyses predict the expected flood level in any designated area, for a specific asset, with street-level resolution. Predictions can be probabilistic or scenario based.


Jupiter HeatScore

Jupiter HeatScore™ helps organizations mitigate the heat- and cold-related impacts of climate change by predicting extreme temperatures. Risk predictions incorporate multiple heat variables to provide asset-level accuracy, and can be probabilistic or scenario based.

ClimateScore Intelligence Platform

The Jupiter ClimateScore Intelligence Platform is the underlying analytics foundation for all Jupiter services. Its pioneering cloud-based architecture links data, probabilistic and scenario-based models, and advanced validation in an integrated environment.

Proprietary Models

Jupiter’s proprietary models account for the complex dynamics of climate change to provide hyper-local weather and climate-based risk analyses and predictions that are accurate from two hours to 50 years in the future.

Machine Learning

Machine learning automatically and continually improves Jupiter’s dynamic models, reduces local biases of scientific simulations and accelerates information delivery.

Flexible User Interface

Risk analytics are available as interactive maps, reports, through an API or via custom consulting engagements.

Platform Services

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