Turning Risk into Opportunity:
Visionary Customers Take Action to Address Potential Peril

Multi-Sector Use Cases

Decision-makers across dozens of industries are realizing the power and potential of Jupiter’s probabilistic asset-level predictions. Jupiter’s FloodScore™, for example, is being used for insurance planning, capital investment decisions, vulnerability assessments, infrastructure design and long-term portfolio planning. Partners are also beginning to develop their own value-add applications.


  • Capital planning
  • Site selection
  • Engineering and Design requirements
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Operational risks
  • Shareholder disclosures


  • Investing
  • Portfolio planning and strategy
  • Catastrophe and resiliency bonds
  • Underwriting decisions
  • Energy markets
  • Asset allocation

Public Sector

  • Redevelopment
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Critical infrastructure design
  • Capital investments
  • Public health
  • Citizen communication and engagement

Jupiter in Action

Jupiter is actively engaged with customers who understand that climate change is putting their core businesses at risk. These early adopters believe that quantifying climate risk and impact is a vital first step in identifying business model changes that will protect their investments and help them identify new opportunities to grow their business.


QBE, one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurance companies, uses Jupiter’s leading-edge data analytics to improve underwriting and pricing and provide resiliency management expertise for their customers.

Insurance Linked Securities: Nephila

Nephila Climate is the weather division of a leading investment management company specializing in reinsurance risk and the #1 provider of insurance-linked securities. They are applying Jupiter’s state-of-the-art capability to predict extreme weather risks to businesses seeking protection, especially in the utilities and public sectors.

Critical Infrastructure:

Jupiter is providing high resolution projections over a 50+ year time horizon for extreme heat, humidity, and multi-day heat events, optimizing the value of billions of dollars’ worth of electrical equipment across cities. Jupiter’s work continues with consulting, engineering and design, insurance and defense firms.

Oil & Gas Sector: BP

Jupiter is working with leading global companies to predict future flood and wind gust risk for coastal, inland, and offshore facilities including upstream (exploration and production) and midstream (refining, pipeline transportation). These oil and gas customers are looking at 50+ year time horizons and including extreme (long‑tail) climate events.

BP is one of our customers who we are helping to better understand the physical risks that could be associated with a changing climate.

Public Sector

Jupiter helps assess vulnerability to coastal and inland flooding over a 30+ year timeframe. Customers each use this in different ways, including in the design of federally-funded coastal protection investments. Jupiter’s results combine the impacts of precipitation, storm surge, seasonal high-tide flooding, stormwater infrastructure, and more.


Jupiter provides high resolution, dynamically downscaled projections for precipitation, extreme heat, and coastal surge over a 50+ year timeframe to inform infrastructure design at ports and airports, and support a cost-benefit analysis of potential investments.


Jupiter helps commercial and residential lenders understand portfolio exposure to climate risk over 30+ year timeframe under multiple scenarios. Lenders use this data to provide ongoing risk exposure to climate change, report to shareholders, conduct research on best underwriting strategies, and provide clients with value‑added analyses.

“With each passing year it becomes more clear that the insurance industry must factor climate change into its underwriting and pricing practices. Climate change affects everything we do as a company. Jupiter and QBE are collaborating to improve underwriting and pricing processes and offer climate risk adaptation expertise to our customers.”

– David McMillan, Group Chief Operations Officer, QBE

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