Turning Risk into Opportunity:
Visionary Customers Launch Pilots

Multi-Sector Use Cases

Jupiter’s analytics are a foundational technology that can provide value to multiple industries. Flood prediction, for example, is as useful for insurance planning and investment decisions as it is for infrastructure development and building codes. As decision-makers learn the potential of accurate, asset-level predictions, Jupiter expects many creative third-party applications to emerge.


  • Site selection
  • Design requirements
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Operational risks
  • Shareholder disclosures


  • Investing
  • New insurance
  • Catastrophe and resiliency bonds
  • Underwriting decisions
  • Energy markets
  • Asset allocation    

Public Sector

  • Redevelopment
  • Zoning and building codes
  • Flood prevention
  • Public health
  • Citizen communication and zone adjustments

Jupiter in Action

Jupiter is actively engaged in pilots with customers who understand that climate change is putting their core businesses at risk. These visionaries believe that quantifying climate risk is a vital first step in identifying business model changes that will protect their investments.


Xebec expects climate risk data developed with Jupiter to provide long-term benefits. The company intends to differentiate its property by selecting sites that are less prone to flooding.

There is data but it is dated – historical records don’t tell you the complete picture. We need data that is updated regularly and can provide predictive analysis.”

– Scott Hodgkins, Executive Vice President
of Strategic Initiatives at Xebec

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